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Breakdown of activities among staff

Condon report

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CookPrincipal Investigator1000
RoachPrincipal Investigator2100
ScottCo-Principal Investigator           0000
LowProject Coordinator8000
LevineResearch Associate8000
PresnellResearch Associate0000
RothbergResearch Associate1000
StrentzResearch Associate0000
Wadsworth          Research Associate17000

government officials, to the press, or perhaps to a representative of a private organization devoted to the study of such objects. Defined in this way, there is no question as to the existence of UFOs because UFO reports exist in very large numbers, and the stimulus for each report is, by this definition, an UFO. The problem then becomes that of learning to recognize the various kinds of stimuli that give rise to UFO reports.

Most scientists who study UFOs adopt a more restricted definition that rules out reports that are readily explainable (see, for instance, Hynek, 1972, pp. 3, 4). Furthermore, some members of the project staff must have adopted a different definition of “UFO” since one finds on Condon and Gillmor (1968) p. 248 the statement “The preponderance of evidence indicates the possibility of a genuine UFO in this case” and on Condon and Gillmor (1968) p. 256, “The probability of at least one UFO involved appears to be fairly high.”

In most scientific research, investigators have in mind one or more considered hypotheses. Condon specifically mentions the following:

The idea that some UFOs may be spacecraft sent to Earth from another civilization, residing on another planet of the solar system, or on a planet associated with a more distant star than the Sun, is called the Extra-terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH).

It is somewhat confusing that Condon also introduces the term “Extraterrestrial Actuality” (ETA), which apparently represents the belief that ETH is true. Condon’s finding (Condon & Gillmor, 1968, p. 25) is that “No direct evidence whatever of a convincing nature now exists for the claim that any UFOs represent spacecraft visiting Earth from another civilization.” In reaching