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The Speed-of-Light Limit Argument

Higher Dimensions in Superstring and M-Brane Theory

Fermi’s Paradox and the Preparation for Contact Hypothesis

On Black Special Access Programs

Would the President be Briefed on a UFO Special Access Program NEW

Some Thoughts on Keeping It Secret

“On Pseudo-Skepticism” by Marcello Truzzi, founding co-chairman of CSICOP

“Shermer’s Last Law” by Michael Shermer, SKEPTIC magazine

Sturrock-Rockefeller Workshop on Physical UFO Evidence

The Condon Report

Analysis of the Condon Report

Case 1 – The 1973 Army Helicopter-UFO Encounter

Case 2 – Vehicle Interference and Physical Traces Event

Case 3 – Radar-Visual Event

Case 4 – Trans-en-Provence Event

Case 5 – Minuteman ICBM Encounters

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Scientific Articles

Request for Aviation Professionals

Center for UFO Studies and Journal

Project 1947
(UFO documents)

Commentary – “Everywhere, by Stealth” by Richard Dolan

Commentary – “The UFO Evidence: Burdens of Proof” by Jim Giglio and Scott Snell, Natl. Capital Area Skeptics

Commentary – “The Incommensurability Problem and the Fermi Paradox” by Eric Davis

Commentary – “On Materialism as Science Dogma” by Neal Grossman